Enav S.A. produces white grape juice concentrate in different specifications such as: Standard grape juice concentrate, Virgin grape juice concentrate, Deionized grape juice concentrate and Organic grape juice concentrate. Our products are not destined for direct consumption. They are utilized as ingredients in the production of food for human consumption.

It is our responsibility to:

- Develop efficiently, safety and quality food in order to protect consumers.
- Meet our clients’ requirements.
- Comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable in Argentina and destination countries.
- Be certified under the Food Safety Standards that our main destination countries require.
- Permanently train all employees of ENAV SA.
- Promote the commitment of our employees, contractors and suppliers to produce a safety product.
- Provide the necessary resources for the fulfillment of this policy.
- Ensure that this policy is available to all interested parties.

This Policy is periodically reviewed by Management, in order to get a continuous improvement in our Food Safety System.