In the expectation of a growing global demand for Grape Juice Concentrate a group of young entrepreneurs bring to life Enav S. A. in 1.998.

Our Plant is situated in the heart of the winemaking region of San Juan Province in Argentina. This region it is very well known for the quality of its grape production.

As a result of an extensive investment program concluded between 2006 and 2015, Enav S.A. has become a leader in this industry with the following capacities:

  • - Grape crushing capacity: 50.000.000 Kilograms of fresh grape.
  • - Concentrate production capacity: 20.000 TN White Grape Juice Concentrate.
  • - Storage capacity: 40.000.000 liters.

Enav S.A. has implemented a Food Safety System that guarantee the production of safety and quality food in accordance with Argentine and worldwide regulations.